About Elite Yoga

Yoga is no longer confined to a yoga studio, Elite yoga is revolutionizing the way yoga is performed
by allowing you to experience the world.

Escape the winter blues to the wonders of UAE's and Bali's finest 5 star hotels!

Elite Yoga Retreats was set up in 2015 to cater for a niche that wanted good quality yoga in 5 star surroundings.

What differentiates us from all the other retreats on offer is that our focus is on quality and the overall yoga experience for the customer.

Whether you have done yoga before or not, this retreat caters for those that want to combine a luxurious holiday with good quality yoga.

Our extensive research on existing retreats on offer has revealed that whilst in some cases the yoga has been great, the accommodation has been mediocre or the food or facilities on offer has lacked excitement, bringing down the whole experience or vice versa.

You want to feel amazing after a yoga retreat and we have found the winning formula: Pick up from the airport in style, stunning location with amazing facilities, scrumptious food and a yoga teacher you can connect with, who doesn't only work on your physical fitness but removes some of the minds hidden demons, making you feel lighter and fabulous.

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